Tips for New Roommates

Spend some time with the prospective roommate before applying for an apartment together. Get to know them and see if you have compatible personalities.

Agree to some basic house rules before applying. Put these rules down in writing for future reference. Be sure to discuss policies about having friends over, house cleaning, cooking and overnight guests. Also inquire and make sure your prospective roommate does have adequate resources to pay their obligation. Do not let someone push you into a situation that you do not feel comfortable with it.

Find out if they are a night owl or not. Be sure you can live with someone who may have a schedule that is different from yours. Plan on how to have adequate private time for yourself.

Be willing to speak up and express any concerns you may have. Understand that you need to be flexible and willing to compromise if you don’t always agree. Know where your limits or boundaries are!

Beware of the floppers! Guests who come and stay too long. They eat your food, do their laundry, crash on your couch, run up your power bills and are putting your lease at risk because they could be construed to be illegal residents. Discourage the floppers!